Aussie Bodies bars are safe to consume while pregnant. However, your first choice should always be whole foods as these provide the greatest amount of nutrients for you and your developing baby. We would recommend a maximum of one mini bar per day as part of healthy and balanced diet. These bars are not to be used as meal replacements and should only be consumed as a snack in between meals.

We recommend you consume whole food sources of nutrition as much as possible in order to meet your energy and nutrient needs during this particular stage of life.

However, the suitability of our protein powders are as follows:

– Lo Carb
Not suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

– Perfect Protein
Suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding to top up protein/energy but not to be used to replace whole food sources of nutrition.

– 100% Whey
Not suitable for pregnancy. May be used while breastfeeding to top up protein/energy but not to be used to replace whole food sources of nutrition.


Aussie Bodies could be suitable as a part of diabetic diet, however, it is best to speak with your health professional as it is important to make sure they are used as part of a healthy, balanced diet and within specific guidelines for the patients’ needs.

Please refer to the individual product for allergen claims. These can be found on our product pages.

The whey protein used in Aussie Bodies products is sourced from New Zealand and Australian cows. The cows are predominantly grass fed, however, supplementary feed may be used if required.

We recommend consuming Aussie Bodies protein powders within 3 months of opening as the ingredients can come into contact with air and moisture, which may affect the products quality. We recommend you store protein powder in a cool dark place below 30 degrees celsius, and take care to protect it from exposure to moisture.

Here is a list of Aussie Bodies products suitable for vegetarians:

Protein Powders
– Perfect Protein
– 100% Whey

– Lo Carb Bars 30 and 60g sizes – all flavours except Rocky Road
– Protein FX Super 85g
– Protein FX Energy 65g
– Lo Carb Crunch – all flavours except Rocky Road

Protein Drinks
– Protein Revival
– Lo Carb

Please contact us for free on 1800 247 757 and we will try to answer your questions. Alternatively please send our customer service team an email at customerservice@vitaco.com.au