7 Great Reasons To Get Moving

We all know that visiting the gym regularly is a sure-fire way to look hotter!

And, judging by the burgeoning athleisure–wear trend, looking hot while we work out is one of our top priorities. Yep, many of us make sure we’re dressed to kill in the latest fitness fashion wear even before we step inside the gym.

But instead of worrying about how hot (or not) you look, there are so many great benefits you can get from a gruelling gym session – regardless of whether your gym is indoors or outside in the fresh air.

Smashed goals

Isn’t improving your fitness the reason why you’re working out in the first place? Nothing makes you feel more powerful than setting – and achieving – clear, performance-oriented goals (“Be able to run 6km non-stop by the end of the month”).


There’s nothing more satisfying than adding some extra kgs to your squat! Being able to swing or lift increasingly heavier weights does wonders for your self-confidence, and leaves your muscles feeling thoroughly spent.


Whether you’re zenning out in a yoga class or pedalling your little heart out in the spin studio, treat every workout as an opportunity to be more mindful. Pay attention to your breathing, the beads of sweat on your face, and the feelings of accomplishment and pride when you’re done. Get in the zone!


Working out can be a great way to learn new skills and broaden your knowledge. Try listening to a podcast or audio book from your favourite business motivator while you’re out running – it makes a hard workout go a lot quicker.

A healthy glow

Contrary to what you might see in fitness fashion images, people actually sweat when they work out! If you’re working hard, you’re going to sweat. The ‘glow’ of sweat on women is more HOT than not.


When you’re working hard, reaching your fitness goals, learning new things and supporting your friends, you’re bound to finish your workout feeling on top of the world. Can a trendy, new lycra wardrobe do all that? Nope.


Surely it’s not just us who are guilty of letting our eyes wander across the room to an attractive gym member and giving them a little smile… Many a love story has started in the weights section of a gym

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