Mindful Eating Dos and Don’ts

Be aware of what you eat, take the time to taste every mouthful and savour every bite.

Being mindful is all about living in the present moment and being aware of what you’re thinking and feeling at important times. Mindful eating simply means being aware of, and enjoying, the food while you prepare and eat it.

Mindful eating dos

  1. Take time to carefully prepare your meal.
  2. Sit down to eat – preferably at a dining table.
  3. Set the table for your meals with a serviette, cutlery and glass of water, even a flower or two
  4. Aim to spend 20 minutes eating each meal.
  5. Turn off all distractions such as the TV, smart phone and radio.
  6. Before you start eating, take a big breath, release it and focus.
  7. Take one mouthful at a time and put your cutlery down between each bite.
  8. Savour the flavour – pay attention to the tastes and textures in each mouthful.
  9. Pay attention to your body and how it feels as you eat. In particular notice the feeling of fullness in your stomach.
  10. Stop eating when you’re comfortably satisfied – for most people that means they could fit in another mouthful or two.

Mindful eating don’ts

  1. Don’t eat standing in the kitchen.
  2. Don’t eat while watching TV.
  3. Don’t eat at your desk.
  4. Don’t eat or snack while on your phone.
  5. Don’t eat in the car or on the run.
  6. Don’t eat until you’re stuffed.
  7. Don’t eat just because it is on your plate.
  8. Don’t eat because you’re emotional or bored.
  9. Don’t eat just because it’s there.
  10. Don’t ignore your hunger signals.

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